Being tutored with RK Tutors entitles you to some added extras.

Free 30 minute taster session

Are you unsure whether you want a tutor?  Maybe you want to try before you buy.  See if you and your child get along with the tutor and build a more accurate picture of any learning needs. 


As a new student when you contact RK Tutors and you automatically get a free 30 minute taster session commitment free.  This is available to new on-line and home students.


After every session you can receive feedback on the student in a a written document.  Watch the student's progress and see where they need to improve.  Even prepare for the next lesson.  £2 charge

Free initial phone consultation

Do you or your child have specific needs that you wish to discuss?  Maybe you have questions you wish to ask before you even commit to a session.

Contact RK Tutors and we will call you up or organise a convenient time to chat to you meeting your needs.

Free 15 minute review

Want to check in on your child's progress?  Do you have concerns that need addressing?  Do you have new school targets or feedback from school reports that needs discussing?

Free 15 minute reviews are available to existing students.  RK Tutors will call you at a convienently arranged time.

Free homework

Do you want extra work and practice themes set out in class or even practice papers to further you or your child's learning?

Request homework as a a free add on service to new and existing students. 

Free short reports

Do you need a report to take to school when discussing your child's special needs?  Do you need to share information with teachers?  Maybe it is parents day and you just want to keep everyone in the loop.

RK Tutors offers a short report service whereby we provide the information you need from our sessions in a short A4 report for the desired party.

What You Get

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