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Types of Tuition

RK Tutors offers 4 different ways of being tutored:









Online Tuition

On-line tuition involves the student and tutor being in a virtual classroom together.  It uses a computerised two way interactive whiteboard via the internet where the student can see slides, write and learn alongside their tutor.  Students can communicate and see tutors via audio and webcam.

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Added security​

Availability in a variety of locations

Can be used across time-zones

If you're struggling to find a tutor this may be an option


Home Tuition

This is face-to face tutoring and is currently available to students living in Manchester.  This is a more traditional format of tutoring where a tutor and student are in the same room.  The tutor can come to you, you go to the tutor or you meet in a mutual location.

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More personalised atmosphere

Involves tangible resources

Can choose location


This is where you travel to the tutor's home for lessons.  There is an area for parents to sit and listen to lessons and you may even be offered a tea!

Come To Tutor

​The tutor will travel to your chosen home.  Maximum of 1 hour travel and reasonable tutor travel costs are reimbursed by the student.

To Your Home

Meet in a neutral place that both you and the teacher have agreed upon (e.g. a library or a coffee shop).  

Mutual Location

Group Tuition

It is possible to book groups of students together for an on-line or home tutoring session.  Students should be of similar age and ability and be prepared to look at the same subject area during lesson time.

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Helps students who learn better in social situations

Encourages inclusion


Group On-line

Lessons run similarly to on-line tutoring except to a group.  Students can be in different locations or the same location. (Max. 4 student, an adult is recommended to be present on student's side).

Lessons run similarly to home tutoring except to a group, usually at a student's home (max. 10 students). It is recommended that an adult is present.

Group Home

School Tuition

RK Tutors offers school tutoring both on-line (anywhere) or face-to-face (in Manchester areas).  Lessons can be conducted in school time or after school.

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Great opportunity for schools struggling to find support workers

Extends IT skills

Provides extra tutorial support




If you want more information about any of these services please contact RK Tutors.

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