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Why should I get a Private Tutor? (Part 1)

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

So, your considering getting tuition for yourself or your child, to improve on a subject like Maths or English or possibly to learn a new skill but are toying with whether this would be beneficial. How will it help you or your loved one? Below are some reasons for getting a private tutor.

1. Tutoring is Personal

We all learn differently. Some of us are stronger visual learners, some of us prefer to learn through what we hear and others of us are strong kinaesthetic learners or maybe you’re a mixture of all three! My point is tutoring is a personal experience. It is designed just for you. It’s not the same as the typical school classroom experience for a large group of students, the tutor is more focussed on your learning. It is designed to meet your needs, recognising your abilities, your achievements, your levels and your learning style.

2. A Tutor all to Yourself

Did you know that “state primary schools in the UK now have an average of 28 pupils”(Camilla Turner, The Telegraph)? With class sizes growing because of the baby boom and increased population tutoring offers the one-to-one attention every child needs. It helps to overcome personal challenges by meeting a child’s strengths and weaknesses on a more personal level. In most tutoring cases your getting a tutor to yourself and their undivided attention. In most schools this is very different. Pupils can contend for a teacher’s attention simply because of the sheer number of students.

3. Bridges the Gap in Education

Education Corner wrote “As children grow older, gaps in education become even more apparent as they struggle to keep up with classmates and fall farther behind in their studies and understanding”. Tutoring challenges this by plugging the holes in learning keeping students on track. It can also help adult learners catch up in areas they struggled (e.g. Maths or English) in or weren’t even taught when they were at school (e.g. IT skills).

4. Targets Topics Not Understood

Sometimes when a student is in a school environment with many pupils most of the class “gets it” but sometimes there is a student who still does not understand. The student may not want to put up their hand and say “Hang on a minute! I don’t understand”. They may be fearful of peer pressure and other students laughing so they remain silent and in the dark. Private tuition can target these subjects/topics to help the student improve in a safe environment that is open to discussion and misunderstandings.

5. Tutoring Builds Confidence and Esteem

Subsequently, it makes sense that tutoring makes students feel better. They become stronger people and feel they can contribute more. They have the confidence to speak up, the space to learn and individual opportunities to shine thus hopefully changing their attitude to learning.


If your looking for a personalised learning experience and private tutoring at primary, secondary or adult levels why not check out RK Tutors for fun, creative and educational learning.

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