Visual Learners - 5 Ways to Take Notes

To discover what type of learner you are read my blog post "How to Learn and Revise more Effectively".

Visual learners learn best through sight. This means that there is a huge number of ways you can take notes more effectively to take in more information and revise. Below I have included some methods with a little information on how to do each.


Mind mapping can really be effective method for visual learners. Try to fit the information on one page. Write the main topic in the centre and branch off (using arrows) subtopics with a third tier for further points. Avoid more than three levels. Include diagrams and colour and highlight.


Try to include as many visuals as possible in your notes. This may include scanning from books that have text and pictures, pictures, cutting out from magazines, looking for diagrams and charts, using images on the internet, Pinterest, maps, postcards etc. Replace words with pictures or symbols to make it easier to visualise.


Posters are a great way to display information you need to memorise. Try to associate the location of text (and the poster itself) with the information needed. Use lots of colours with text in different styles. If designing on the computer use different fonts including bold, italic, underlining and play with size.


Create lists and cross off in bullet journals. Add drawings and sketches and make it colourful and beautiful to help you memorise.


Watch videos when learning including with lots of animation, vivid colour etc. Learning by watching can support your learning. PowerPoints are also great for visual learners so watch those slides in class!

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