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Covid Policy

Updated 02/08/2022


Current Situation


Currently, Manchester is not in lockdown and all types of tutoring are available.  Currently online tutoring is the suggested option, however home tuition and meeting students at the tutor's home or in a mutual location are available with precautions needing to be taken below.  Please be aware that this is open to change and this Covid Policy is designed to cover as many eventualities to do with Covid as possible.  It is of course subject to change.  Please check back here regularly to be updated.

Overview and Visits/Meetings

With the current Covid (coronavirus) situation and UK Government guidelines private tuition in other people’s homes is permitted.  UK Government guidelines are subject to change dependent on the situation and it is currently practical for RK Tutor staff to attend people’s homes, for students to visit the tutor or to meet in mutual locations.  RK Tutors is currently open to school tuition through online learning including real-life visits.  Please be vigilant and if you have any questions or concerns contact RK Tutors for further updates.

When the situation allows home visits, it is important that if staff or student become unwell with Covid-19 or show signs of the illness that either party does not allow the student home visit, visit to tutor’s homes or meeting in a mutual location to take place.  Either party should cancel the appointment until they feel better, symptoms have resided, and the self-isolation period has relapsed.  Online tutoring can still take place as an alternative provided both parties are well enough to do so.  If a lesson is cancelled the usual procedures, in line with RK Tutors Terms and Conditions, will take effect.

If either staff member or student over 18/parent/guardian are not comfortable with the level of risk involved, they retain the right to cancel the lesson.  If a lesson is cancelled the usual procedures in line with RK Tutors Terms and Conditions will take effect.

Prior to a Visit/Meeting

If a student’s home visit, visit to tutor’s home or meeting in a mutual location occurs, prior to the lesson, RK Tutors staff should direct students over 18/parents or guardians to this Covid policy and ensure they are aware of the measures they should take prior to a lesson to minimise risk and to ensure the welfare of all parties.

When Visits/Meetings Occur

RK Tutors realises that we are uncertain times with Covid and that often the situation is complex.  Where possible, staff should follow the Covid policy with visits/meetings.  However, there may be times that staff have to use their best judgement to evaluate a circumstance to decide what to do.  Any decisions should be recorded and logged on the “Covid safeguarding form” and submitted electronically to Rebecca Kesler at RK Tutors within 24 hours of the event.

As far as possible protective measures should be implemented by staff and student, parent/guardian.  This includes:

1. Minimising contact

If the student/tutor or someone in their household has Covid symptoms or they have been advised by NHS Test and Trace to self-isolate they should follow guidance to protect themselves and others.  They should reduce contact with student/tutor and follow the guidance as outlined above.

RK Tutors staff should avoid physical contact (e.g. handshakes) with parents or students

2. Consider the safest way to travel

To avoid catching or spreading Covid all parties travelling should choose a method of travel that enables them to keep a safe distance from others where possible.  If you can drive, this may mean taking a car instead of a taxi for example or walking (where possible) instead of public transport.

Passengers on public transport in England are no longer required by law to wear a protective face covering.  RK Tutors requires that all parties wear protective face coverings if taking public transport.

3. Increase the frequency of handwashing and surface cleaning

a) Student Home Visits

Upon entering a student’s home and upon leaving it, RK Tutors staff are required to disinfect their hands with soap.  If they feel it is necessary, they should also disinfect regularly during the lesson.  Students should ensure that surfaces have been disinfected prior to the lesson, where the lesson will take place.

​b) Visits to Tutor’s Home

Upon a student and/or parent/guardian entering and leaving a tutor’s home they will be asked by the tutor to disinfect their hands with soap.  If any party feels it is necessary, they should also disinfect regularly during the lesson.  Tutors will ensure that surfaces have been disinfected prior to the lesson, where the lesson will take place.  This includes sanitising bathroom and toilet facilities.  Tutors will supply anti-bacterial soap.

c) Meeting in Mutual Locations

All parties should disinfect their hands, before, during and upon leaving the mutual location.  Tutors should use their best judgement to ensure the surface is clean before running the lesson.  For example, if in a coffee shop it may be necessary to ask staff to clear dishes or wipe over a table.  Tutors should carry disinfectant wipes with them as a preventative measure.

4. Follow current government guidelines on social distancing

Student, staff, parent/guardian no longer need to be spaced apart.  However staff should be vigilant.  Staff, students and parents can sit directly next to each other during a lesson but should wear masks.  It is suggested that any material for the lesson is discussed, shared and copies are made (one each for students and RK Tutor staff) so that social distancing can be maintained.

RK Tutor staff may want to create a tutor pack for students so that writing material (including whiteboards, pens etc.) are not shared between student and tutor.  They can be disinfected after the lesson ready for the next student.  However, wherever possible students should be encouraged to have their own equipment ready (e.g. pens, paper).

RK Tutors staff should before a first lesson talk through Covid safeguarding measures when tutoring, with their student or if necessary, the parent/guardian.  It may be necessary to regularly remind students of protocol.

RK Tutors staff should avoid leaning over to see work or marking work.  Students should be encouraged to pass across the work.

All parties should identify busy areas.  In a house this may be corridors or in a coffee shop sitting near stairs or the front desk.  All parties should try to minimise their movement around these areas.  This may mean sitting in a quieter area of the house to run lessons or avoiding busy coffee shops.

5. Ensure good personal hygiene

All parties should be encouraged not to touch their faces and must be told to use a tissue or elbow to cough and sneeze and use bins for tissue waste.  Bins and tissues should be provided by hosting party.  In mutual locations, both parties should bring their own tissues and use any bins provided.

In student homes and visits to tutor’s homes, whenever possible, RK Tutors asks that internal doors are left open to minimise contact with door handles.

6. Clothing

All parties are expected to wear protective face masks during a lesson.  RK Tutors staff may also choose to wear a face shield for further protection.  Upon returning home from home visits or visits to mutual locations, it is advisable that staff change their clothes to prevent the virus spreading.

After a Visit/Meeting

If, within 2 weeks of the visit/meeting, either party contracts Covid, displays symptoms or is advised to self-isolate, there is a duty to notify the other party, be it tutor, student, parent or guardian, that they are at risk and should self-isolate if they choose to prevent spread of infection.

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